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  • How much does SkyShare cost?
  • This is our #1 question and the most direct and honest answer is: it depends. (We’re sorry, it’s not like ordering a pizza!) SkyShare is a customized business aviation solution tailor-made to fit your needs to provide you maximum value and options. Price is largely dictated by your size of share and flight time required. While our members prefer this individually-fit model versus the typical “menu” model, we also completely understand the desire to know an entry-level price range. The smallest share offered (1/16) carries an all-in Investment in the mid-six-figures with favorable tax benefits, no monthly fees, and a return at the end of your 5-year term. For a personal price quote, please contact a SkyShare advisor.

  • How is SkyShare different from chartering a plane?
  • Charter works on a trip-by-trip basis and has significant variability in availability, price and quality of the aircraft. Charter is much like online dating or auction bidding for a used car - you never really know what you’re going to get. SkyShare is an ownership jet share program. With SkyShare, you become an on-title owner with a share in one aircraft and your share entitles you to fly any aircraft in our gorgeous, pristine fleet. Moreover, with SkyShare you own an asset and therefore have immediate, important tax benefits and impressive residual value.

  • Am I limited to where I can fly?
  • SkyShare is unique in that our owners may fly to virtually any destination on planet earth. Our highly trained, certified pilots and aircraft typically service the Western Hemisphere, including Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Central and South America. That said, our aircraft possess world-wide capability, so our ¼ share owners and higher may globe-trot to their hearts’ content! Please consult your SkyShare advisor if you have a specific trip or destination in-mind; and remember, your SkyOps concierge will assist in planning every trip!

  • Do I have to be located in the Western U.S. to use your program?
  • Yes (at least for right now). Currently, SkyShare is laser-focused on servicing clientele with a home base located in the Western Continental United States (specifically, from Colorado west). However, please remember that SkyShare flies owners to locations worldwide. If you have dual occupancy in both our primary service area and out of it - call us, we’d love to figure out a win-win solution.

  • Does SkyShare use flight days or flight hours?
  • We find that using a Days-based system gives you, the owner, the most flexibility and is a far simpler way to determine your flight needs and aircraft availability. Moreover, as your contractual allocation progresses, using Days creates a clean, straightforward simplicity in accounting for all parties. That said, our dynamic program allows for Hourly ownership as well in the rare occurrence where it makes more sense for your missions.

  • Do you allow pets?
  • Yes, absolutely. Even if they sometimes bite :)

  • Can my family members / co-workers fly if I’m not on the plane?
  • Another massive benefit to SkyShare ownership vs. other programs is that you may choose virtually anyone to fly in all SkyShare aircraft. Send the plane to grab your family, friends, and/or coworkers and meet you wherever you desire. Or utilize multiple planes simultaneously! Quality of life means having options.

  • What if I use too many days or don’t use enough during a year?
  • SkyShare enables 1/8th share owners and greater to both roll over days and borrow days from their total allocated number of days per year. The number of days is 25% in both directions. We find the vast majority of members end-up flying more than they anticipate.

  • How do I know how much baggage and “stuff” we can bring?
  • On our website “Fleet” page, we show luggage capacity for each aircraft. If you have any specific questions about how many snowboards, skis, bicycles, and bottles of wine will fit, your SkyShare Concierge is always here to help!

  • What airports can I fly into?
  • While the commercial airlines limit you to ~500 airports in the continental U.S., SkyShare allows you to land in over 5,500 airports in America, over 10,000 airports in the Western Hemisphere, and over 43,000 airports worldwide! When a SkyOps Concierge is booking your trip, she/he won’t ask what city but rather what address your meeting or destination is; many times, we will find a smaller airport minutes away from your destination, saving you hours of travel time required from larger airports. This time savings flying closer to your destination is staggering (see here).

  • How may I ensure that you’ll keep my family and my loved ones safe?
  • All SkyShare pilots attend rigorous, ongoing, bi-annual training and certification and are held to the highest FAA standards of Part-135. SkyShare chose industry leader B. Coleman to operate our fleet of aircraft, ensuring an unblemished track-record of operator safety and FAA compliance. Factory-certified mechanics, inspectors and line personnel ensure your aircraft stays in optimum operating condition.

  • How many pilots fly the aircraft? (People tell me 2 pilots are the safest.)
  • By Federal law, the Gulfstream G200 is required to have dual pilot operation due to its complexity. Both the PC-12 and the CJ2 are Federally certified as single-pilot aircraft. At our owners’ discretion, SkyShare will staff any single-pilot aircraft with dual pilots for an nominal additional fee.

  • Are you ARG/US or Wyvern Certified by independent safety auditing firms?
  • All SkyShare flights are operated under both Argus Certification and Wyvern Certification.

  • How is SkyShare different from a jet card?
  • SkyShare is both a product (a share in an aircraft) plus a service (first-class travel concierge), where Jet Card memberships are targeted at flyers of 25 hours or less per year who want a fixed cost and don’t care about ownership benefits. On the backend, the jet card provider’s motivation is to find the lowest price option in order to make the anticipated margin on each trip. There is significant variability in age and quality of the aircraft. Additionally, most jet card programs have 2 levels - aircraft older than year 2000 and aircraft 2000 or newer that are often times no longer manufactured. Service falls into the “not so much” category.

  • How is SkyShare different from owning a plane?
  • The “when should I buy my own airplane” rule of thumb has traditionally been as follows: full ownership is either for individuals who specifically want to control all aspects of an aircraft themselves (e.g., paint color, interior finishings, etc.) or for individuals/organizations who see a need to fly 250+ hours every single year. Ownership equates to the most complex option because you need to create an entire infrastructure to handle all aspects of aviation (such as FAA regulatory issues, pilot hiring/training/benefits, scheduling and dispatch, maintenance, etc.); or, full-owners need to find a Management Company, which represent massive additional costs and no personal service commitments. Lastly, full-ownership does NOT equate to full-time access; there will be many times a year when the aircraft can not fly due to annual inspections, maintenance issues, staffing conflicts, etc. With SkyShare’s LiftOff, owners are guaranteed no “gotchas” when it comes to planning their trips.

  • How do you compare to membership programs?
  • Memberships are typically for people who have infrequent needs for private jet travel. There are different versions of memberships and the initial similarity is that there is an annual membership fee, renewable each year. Some programs offer new aircraft at an hourly rate 2-3x higher than charter, jet cards or even fractional hourly rates and some offer aircraft, generally reserved through the same aircraft brokers that provide charter and jet card flights, with the associated variability in quality and reliability.

  • How do your prices compare to other jet share / fractional programs (for example NetJets)?
  • We crush them (seriously, it’s not even close)! SkyShare provides revolutionary value, uncompromising safety, and true service that matters by utilizing top-condition, late-model, and completely refurbished aircraft with new paint and interiors; your capital investment will be half of comparable programs which buy their planes brand new. We let someone else take the massive depreciation hit and still reap 100% of the benefits of good-as-new, pristine aircraft.

  • Do I have to buy a share in the Gulfstream G200 in order to use it?
  • Nope! Regardless of the aircraft your name goes on-title to, ALL owners may fly any aircraft in the entire SkyShare fleet! Your Onetime Investment stays the same; your only price variable is the Hourly Rate which corresponds to the aircraft you choose per trip.

  • Why are there different hourly rates?
  • In order to give our owners maximum flexibility, SkyShare offers two categories of Hourly rates: a Round-Trip Rate and a One-Way Rate. The Round-Trip Rate is for when the aircraft stays with you for the duration of your trip and brings you back to your point of origin. All Days the aircraft stays with you count as program days. The One-Way Rate is when the aircraft merely picks you up and drops you off at your destination, utilizing only one of your available program days.

  • Do you offer financing?
  • SkyShare proudly offers the option of financing your acquisition cost with very competitive terms. Please talk to your SkyShare advisor about specific details.

  • Will I be able to fly at any time I need to fly?
  • As a ¼-share owner or higher, SkyShare guarantees you lift! If all SkyShare aircraft are flying, we will charter you a compatible aircraft for the same low hourly rate! For all other owners, SkyShare currently operates on a first-come, first-serve model. Contact your SkyShare advisor for full details.

  • How long before a flight do I need to make arrangements? What if I have an emergency trip come up?
  • We ask that all owners contact their SkyOps Concierge at least 48 hours before a trip departure. However, we understand that real life happens and sometimes (literally) last-minute trips pop up; in some situations, we’ve been able to put planes in the air within minutes. Your SkyOps Concierge has been known to work miracles.

  • Can I keep the airplane with me at my destination?
  • Yes, at any owner’s discretion, your plane may stay with you at your destination for your complete round trip. Sometimes, on longer stays, it may make more sense to utilize our one-way option and only utilize one of your flying days.

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