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Your Onetime Investment provides you a given number of flight days per year with unlimited hours of flying for 5 years. At the end of the program, SkyShare sells the aircraft and distributes all funds back to the owners, at which time you may choose to reinvest or take all proceeds and walk-away. At any time, owners may opt-out of their program early. Please contact your SkyShare rep for details and pricing.

Your Onetime Investment covers all of the following for all five years of your ownership term.

  • Professional Pilot services
  • Initial & Recurring Pilot Training
  • Flight Operations Center
  • Aircraft hull & liability Insurance
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Aircraft storage
  • Avionics Upgrades & Updates
  • Full-Time Concierge Service
  • Prop overhauls
  • Navigation subscriptions
Share %Days per annum
20 days
40 days
80 days
160 days


Hourly RateOne-Way Rate
Pilatus PC12$1,050$2,000
Citation CJ2$1,850$3,300
Gulfstream G200$4,495$7,300

Your Hourly Rate begins only when you and/or your associates board the aircraft and the engine starts. It ends upon engine shut-down. Fully covered in the hourly rate are jet fuel, all airframe and engine maintenance reserves, aircraft detailing, and light snacks and drinks aboard the aircraft.

SkyShare also offers all owners "One-Way" rates, for when you choose to be dropped-off and not have the aircraft remain with you during your stay.

Freedom Means Options.

SkyShare’s aircraft were carefully selected to suit any mission.


Pilatus PC-12

Citation CJ2

Gulfstream G200

Choose Your Time Machine

Pilatus PC-12

Citation CJ2

Gulfstream G200

City PairsDrive TimeCommercial Flight Time*Pilatus PC-12†
Napa, CA to Jackson Hole, WY14 HRS, 25 MINS6 HRS, 4 MINS2 HR, 36 MINS
Sedona, AZ to La Jolla, CA7 HRS, 7 MINS5 HRS, 44 MINS1 HR, 16 MINS
Big Sky, MT to Santa Barbara, CA18 HRS, 12 MINS10 HRS, 35 MINS3 HR, 11 MINS
Steamboat, CO to Scottsdale, AZ12 HRS, 28 MINS7 HRS, 21 MINS2 HR, 1 MINS
Sante Fe, NM to Hilton Head, SC24 HRS, 0 MINS11 HRS, 11 MINS5 HR, 12 MINS
City PairsDrive TimeCommercial Flight Time*Citation CJ2†
Park City, UT to Louisville, KY23 HRS, 0 MINS7 HRS, 53 MINS3 HR, 35 MINS
Billings, MT to Martha’s Vineyard, MA35 HRS, 0 MINS10 HRS, 10 MINS4 HR, 52 MINS
Boise, ID to Asheville, NC133 HRS, 0 MINS6 HRS, 30 MINS4 HR, 19 MINS
Aspen, CO to St. Louis, MO15 HRS, 43 MINS6 HRS, 11 MINS2 HR, 12 MINS
Spokane, WA to Cheyanne, WY15 HRS, 16 MINS11 HRS, 43 MINS1 HR, 58 MINS
City PairsDrive TimeCommercial Flight Time*Gulfstream G200†
Carmel, CA to Kohola Coast, HINope13 HRS, 32 MINS5 HR, 12 MINS
Orange County, CA to Teterboro, NJ42 HRS, 0 MINS9 HRS, 40 MINS5 HR, 35 MINS
Lake Tahoe, CA to Palm Beach, FL43 HRS, 0 MINS12 HRS, 53 MINS4 HR, 53 MINS
Sun Valley, ID to Lexington, KY28 HRS, 0 MINS10 HRS, 48 MINS3 HR, 15 MINS
Sherwood, OR to San Antonio, TX32 HRS, 0 MINS8 HRS, 23 MINS4 HR, 39 MINS

*Commercial Flight Times include suggested arrival time of 90 min. prior to departure and 30 min. for checked bags. †Your flight time may vary based upon flight conditions and aircraft load.

What Is Guaranteed Lift?

For our ¼ share and larger members, SkyShare offers Guaranteed lift! For example, if you request a PC-12 and it is unavailable for any reason, SkyShare either sends one of our fleet jets for the same cost as the Pilatus or SkyShare charters you a comparable aircraft for your trip. This guarantee requires a >72-hour notice from the time of departure and/or non-peak travel dates. For more information on this program, contact your SkyShare advisor.

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